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Types of the most played card games in online casinos

Depending on the type of the best online card games, its features, a list of participants, and also the size of payments are highlighted. There are types of online card games that very popular among users: blackjack, video poker, baccarat and others.

The named types of card games are considered to be frequently used by both beginners and experienced users.


With no doubts there is poker among the best card games online. The rules of this game may differ in different types of poker, however, its main feature is that user can win in poker in two ways: to collect the best combination of cards among the players, or by crowding out other players.

Despite the fact that player’s abilities play a big role in poker, a lot of things in the game depend on luck. In some cases, even beginners win money playing against experienced players. That is why it cannot be said that there is any universal strategy for playing poker.


Blackjack on Android is also among the best online card games 2018. This card game is famous in all countries of the world. The essence of the game is to score 21 points, and user can get these points when collecting several card combinations. Ace brings 11 or 1 point, the queen and jack count 10 points each, and cards less than 10 – according to their face value.

The mathematical mindset, the propensity for analysis, analytics and quick miscalculations are of particular importance In this game. In case the player receives an ace and a card of 10 points during the distribution, 21 points arise in total and this means a quick victory in the round.


Baccarat is a card game that is played on a table with special game markup. The game involves eight decks of fifty-two cards. Historically not proven, but the roots of this gamble are from France. There is up to fourteen players and three croupiers can take part in the game in American version. This version of the game is played in most casinos and is also can be called the best online card game.

Baccarat is a simple game and players only have to place a bet, so the game takes on a characteristic intensity that does not torment the players with expectations, everything happens automatically, according to the established rules. The main task for all players is to guess who the dealer or player will win, or user can bet on a draw.

Card games with live dealer

In virtual casinos users also can play card games with live dealers. The role of the croupier is usually played by charming girls who lay out cards and announce winning bets. Excellent transmission of video and sound, will make gambler feel like in a real gaming room. For lovers of beauty, gambling establishments have tables where casino workers are real models from Playboy magazine. These lovely beauties cheer users up with their smiles and relaxed conversation.

It is worth noting that there are free card games at online casinos, so user can play cards without registration in a demo mode. This will allow not only to study the entire range of gambling establishments without loss of money, but also to work out a winning game strategy. An exception would be Live games, which are only available for playing for real money.

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