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Rules on how to play casino card games

The first thing you need to do in order to find out how to play card games at the casino is click on the “Play Now” button. To make bets, you will be credited with the free game currency FUN; you can play on our site only for free. You can play without registration or register – in this case, you are entitled to various additional bonuses. For maximum convenience, you can use the settings and change the image quality, add or disable pop-up audio tips, and also adjust the volume of sound effects. The “Settings” button is in the bottom line of the menu.

We also recommend that you use the full-screen mode of the game, this will recreate the atmosphere of a real institution. During the game process, you can always look at the rules if you forget them – a special “Rules” button is located in the bottom menu bar, it is not necessary to interrupt the game process. In Blackjack, Pai gow and odds there are also certain rules.

How to play casino card games?

The game uses one standard deck of 52 cards, from 2 to Ace for all 4 suits. Usually the lowest card is considered a deuce, but Ace can also be the youngest, as well as the oldest, it depends on the situation. At the beginning of each round of the game, the deck will be shuffled. To begin, determine the size of the bet. If you win, your game account will be increased by the amount won, and if you lose, it will be reduced by the corresponding amount.

Then, to confirm your decision click on the “Deal” button. The bets Play and Ante are equivalent, and Ante and Pair Up are not dependent on each other. It is forbidden to make zero bets at the same time on Ante and Pair Up. The peculiarity of Three Card Poker is that it contains two in one game. At the same time, if you wish, you can place bets in one or two games at the same time.

What is Pair Up?

Here everything is simple. You are betting on the expectation that you will receive a combination of Steam or a higher combination in value.

Please note that you cannot refuse a bet or, conversely, raise it.

How to play Pair Up?

Select the Pair Up button, place a bet and click on the Deal button.

The dealer will give you three cards, while he does not deal cards for himself. If there is a combination of Pair or higher among your cards, you win. If not, they lost.

If you have not made a bet on Ante, the game ends and the deck is dealt again.

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