Really? Draw Something Bombs?

Have you ever played the game in Draw Something and wondered to yourself “what in god’s name are those bombs”? Well, you are not the only one. When I first started playing the game I had a similar reaction to the bombs, like I did not get what they were for. I’ve been getting that questions from some of my friends as well, and I thought why not share it on my site.

So, here it goes:

The bombs in the game are created to make the game a little easier. When you try to solve a drawing in Draw Something and can’t figure out the drawing, even not after you’ve puzzled around with the provided letters, you can use a so called “help line”. When you right click on the bombs a few of of the provided letters (the wrong ones) disappear which makes it a lot easier for you to guess what your opponent has drawn.¬†CAUTION! You only have a limited number of bombs in your possession. Once your bombs are used, you will have to continue to play as long as you have earned enough coins to buy new bombs as a help line.

We are curious if this tip helped you in any way. You can let us know by commenting below or sending us a message.

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