Helpful Tips To Make Your Draw Something Experience More Fun

If you have been playing Draw Something Online for months now, you surely are simply caught by the game. If you are just starting, well…welcome to the creative world of Draw Something Online, a game for fun that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The game that drawn iPhone, iPad, and Android phone users around the world is still alive, contrary to what others think. Many people from parents, kids, friends, office girls and boys are playing draw something sharing their drawings and socializing with other players along the way. So let us fire up the game through the tips below that users can apply whether they are veterans or newbies.

Color Your Game: Play Draw Something

  • Spoiler Alert! Do Not Use Words.

    What is more annoying in the game is when somebody would simply write the supposed to be guessed word to get points. The reason why you are given three words is for you to have a selection in varying difficulty, so there is no need for you to pick the difficult word if you cannot draw it. The game is simple, draw something you can draw, but as much as possible do not spoil the fun.

  • Get More Colors.

    What makes your drawings more pleasing to the eye are the colors you use while you draw. So in time that your points allows you to buy extra palettes, go for it.

  • Master The Pen Tool.

    Like in making your regular drawing, the thickness and thinness of your pen plays an important role in the over-all visual appeal of your drawing.

  • The Best Tool is…

    In playing Draw Something Online, it will work to your advantage if you space to scribble your drawing. Though small touch phones as long as android and allows the app can be used, it limits your ability to maximize the lines and the colors that can sometimes result to horrible drawings. Using and Ipad or a Samsung galaxy note can give your space for better drawings.

  • Where Is The White?

    Do you end up using gray in your drawing because you cannot find out where the white is? Well, check the eraser tool, it is actually white so use it when you need something to fill in with white.

  • Use The Chat Option

    Draw Something Online is primarily created for socialization. Though it spoils the fun if you will draw the word or tell the guesser what the drawing is all about, still you can give friendly hints to your opponent if your drawing is too difficult for them to guess. It helps, and you can also gain friends through this.

  • Play With Friends

    If you feel like playing the game with strangers and you find it fun, share it to your friends via Facebook and let them have their fair share of the fun as well. You can play the game with your friends, for competition or just for enjoyment.

Draw Something Online can be addictive so beware… :) With the fun it brings, there surely are games who keeps coming back for more. If you are not good in drawing, don’t worry, stick figures are acceptable. So have fun and Draw Something!

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