Draw Something Online: Knowing What Is Beyond

Draw Something Online

Draw something online is currently one of the top paid and free game applications. Its growth has been fast, making it one of the most popular applications online. This is often played with an Ipad, Iphone or any android phone. Draw something has been an addictive application because of its entertainment value. This game allows people to play and interact with each other. This can be played with friends or even with strangers that one will meet online. Players can even choose to communicate with others by sending chat messages via chat box. This game gives chances to everyone, everywhere. This can be perfectly played by a person who wants to kill boredom, wants to have more friends or even just to learn how to draw or sketch. To those people who are frustrated in drawing, this application has been of great help to them.

Draw something is developed by OMGPOP. This is basically the smartphone version of Pictionary, a classic board game. The only difference is that instead of using a pen and paper, the screen of a mobile phone is used. For people who have larger devices like Samsung galaxy note will have more and wide space of playing it, making its screen perfect for drawing. If you have stylus you can use it to help you feel more artistic and achieve great results. What makes this game really fun and entertaining is to see how bad other people could draw and you are better than them, or discover that you are also very bad at drawing.

 The mechanic of the game is very simple. Once you have joined or selected an opponent/s you can immediately start playing. For instance you will be the first player. You will be given three objects that you have to draw. Once you are done, you send the sketch to the rest of the players in which they have to guess in sixty seconds. If in case no one is able to guess until the last ten minutes, a set of scrambled words will be provided to the players as a clue. The first player who guessed the word will earn three points. The same thing goes for the second player who will have 2 points. When one player guesses the word correctly, the clock will start ticking. This means that the rest of the players will have five seconds to guess the word, giving them one point each. After this round, another player will take its turn to draw, and so on.

The winner will be determined according to who gained the highest point. In addition, there are points that can be earned in this game. The purpose of these coins is for players to buy additional tools that would make the play of the game better. Some of the tools that can be bought are basic color pallet which can be upgraded by earning more coins and bombs that can remove possible letters from the list to help you guess the word. Though it has been newly released, no wonder the game has made thousands of people addicted to it. This game is simply interactive, simple and really fun!

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