Draw Something Online: A Rise to the Top

Draw Something Online

The rapid rise and sell of draw something online has been considered as a symbol of social networking boom. Just six weeks after its release, this game became the hottest mobile game in the world. In just seven weeks, it earned 35 million downloads.

Considering the world of computer games, draw something online has won the hearts of many people because of its twists. Normally, players would compete with each other during the game. But this one on the other hand is more on cooperating rather than competing. Being a ridiculously easy to learn game and addictively challenging has been its ingredients to rise to the top. This even bridges the gap between children and old people as people from different ages can play and enjoy this game. This game comes both in a free and paid versions. This is usually played using any android devices, an Iphone or an Ipad. This game can be played with multiple players, letting them have the interaction done online

This is a great social guessing game. The mechanic is very simple. A player will draw a picture that will soon be guessed by the rest of the players. When the first players is done, the rest will guess in order for them to earn points. The first player who guessed rightly, will have three point while the next will have two. When a right answer is already given, the rest pf the players will have to give an answer within five seconds. If they get it correctly, that would be equal to one point. The winner determinant of this game will be the point garnered by the players. The one who got the highest number of point will automatically be declared as the winner. Having the benefit of playing it online, people from different places can interact with each other. They can both share and learn from each other. Some people, when they play it with their friends, gets the chance to tease their friend as to how terrible his drawing has been. This game is a good venue for people to establish at the same time to strengthen friendship. In addition, people who really likes to draw can make this game as a place for them to practice and to learn at the same time.

There are countless games available online but not all of them would be able to attract players. Especially nowadays that when people play a game, they are already looking for some essential factors in a game. And, by far, draw something online has been the largest interactive game online. Added to that, this game is both recreational and educational- simply what people are looking for in a game. Thus, when a person would want to learn, kill boredom, spend time with their friends and to make new friends draw something online can be the best game for everyone. Now, the rise to top of this game is indeed one of the greatest developments and success in online games.

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