Draw Online With Friends

Wondering if you can play Draw Something Online with your friends? Absolutely! Draw Something Online (also known as Draw My Thing from OMGPop) is a website dedicated to allowing fans all around the world to draw online with friends.

The game has been a smashing hit over the past year and is continuing to be popular among all age groups. Draw Something is downloadable on the iPhone, iPad and all other Android phones and devices such as tablets.

How can I play Draw Something with Friends?

First of all, the game is completely free for all players. The way you can draw online with friends is outlined in the easy to follow steps below:

1. head over to to the Draw Something home page to see the game network

2. if you are already a member of Draw Something, you can click “Friends playing” in the bottom right corner of the game

3. this will allow you to see all your friends that are online and playing if you are logged in (if not, just log in to see your friends playing on the network). Click join match to start playing, too

4. not a member? Click “Friends playing” then click on “Sign up”

5. once you have completed the steps you can invite friends or you can check back to see if any of your friends are online playing

So if you are specifically looking to play with friends, you will either need to log in or sign up for an account with OMGPOP. Once you have your account, you can add your own nickname and avatar to display for when you draw online with friends.

The game allows you, with or without an account, to actually see what other people are guessing during the match. So every time someone guesses wrong you have an advantage of guessing it correctly yourself. All in all the game is super addictive, especially if you draw online with friends. The chat feature is what allows you to put in your guess. This basically means you can chat while you draw online with your friends. Can’t wait to play? Hurry over to the home page of Draw Something Online and start playing with all your friends.

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