Draw Me Something that You Don’t Know

Can you draw something that you don’t know? Is that possible? The moment you outline something on a blank sheet or page, you’re already creating something which you already knew. It’s quite paradoxical, right? But that impossibility is doubtlessly possible if you dare to play “draw something online”. Why? Words or descriptions are actually of no use if you have already experienced the great amazement offered by such unique virtual creative game. But if you haven’t tried it yet, then you have more than just a reason to continue imagining what the simple sentences here could paint in your mind.

What about it, anyway? You’ll not just ask someone with this, but also yourself. It’s not about making you so curious about the game, and then disappoint you when you’re not satisfied playing it, but reality speaks for itself, and one proof that reality does exist is the experience. Experience? How should you relate yourself to that? Well, humans are connected not by common purpose alone, but significantly, by experience which is what bridge the past and future to the present. And as you’re playing with other people in the “draw something online”, you’ll realize a lot of things which can even make you aware of the real world in the web.

Doesn’t that sound interesting? You are not being promoted with the site nor asked for nothing. This is just one way of making you explore the world that you can reach with your clever ideas and unrestricted expressions. You can draw anything that you want, and you can express everything through drawing. You have instant fans or audience guessing what you’re trying them to puzzle. It’s more than just a game of creativity; it’s a battle of intelligence. Thus, you can enhance your drawing skills while magnifying your mental capacity.

Apparently, it’s not ideal to say what is obvious, but just for the sake of making things clear, you have nothing to waste if you decide to play this game; not even your time. It’s free and simple; you have nothing to pay (just your internet connection probably?), and you’ll not do the sharpening of pencils or any other drawing tools – all you have to do is enjoy! Wow, that word perhaps is ringing to hear, and no one would not wish to let it be taken by somebody. Just like when you’re already earning points in the game after you’ve correctly guessed your friends’ drawing, or someone was able to guess yours.

Amazing! Precisely, everything in the “draw something online” can be summed up by this word alone. You can easily register before playing this, and every time you play, you can use the same account. You’ll certainly not lose your identity with this excellent feature, and you can continue conversing with your friends or opponents without any disruption while playing the game. It’s indeed not just more of “adjectives” but also of “nouns” since you’ll not just get gratified playing it, but you can also make friends with your co-players.

Yes, ultimately, the “draw something online” is not just a game for fun, but a game of relationship which you can develop and maintain while having great time with your friends. Try it, and draw something that you don’t know in the web!

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