New Year Game Resolutions To List

New Year signifies new start, the reason why many people are listing down New Year resolution that will remind them of the things they wanted to change or improve forRead More

Draw Something With…

If you happen to get hooked with Draw Something Online. There are wonderful ways to play and enjoy the game. Since it was primarily created to socialize, the game gives the thrill ofRead More

Are Online Games Good For Kids?

Allowing kids to play online games is a controversial topic for parents. For one reason, parents would not want their children’s attention be focused out of studies, and as aRead More

Online Games on The Rise

The rise of so many online games have been overwhelming. Such games have even taken people by storm. And now, people can choose from so many online games that they canRead More

Draw Me, Guess Me!

Have you ever wondered why so many people, from all ages get hook with online games? If this question is asked few years ago, people would say that it is merely forRead More

Be Creative, Be an Online Artist

One of the most fun-filled activity would be drawing. People around the world enjoy drawing, regardless if they draw well or not. This is one of the most used toolRead More
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