Be Creative, Be an Online Artist

One of the most fun-filled activity would be drawing. People around the world enjoy drawing, regardless if they draw well or not. This is one of the most used tool in expressing a feeling and emotions. For some people who have made this as a part of their lives, they take drawing lessons in order to enhance their creative skills or to learn how to draw in order for them to explore their imaginative side. However, not everyone who is creative or who wants to be one could afford to pay for such drawing lessons. Good thing, the internet and the new technology is to the rescue.

Draw Something Online

At present, there are many budding online games but the one that has caught the attention and interest of many people is draw something online game. This is a multi-player and free online application. It was mainly developed by Omgpop but later on was purchased by Zynga. Using an Ipad, Iphone, laptop and android devices, this game can be easily downloaded from the appstore. This game has been downloaded million of times due to its easy and beneficial features. This is a very simple game to play- usually this is played with two players or with more players. The first player will be given a thing that he has to draw. Then the remaining player/s would have to guess. As for the point system, three points will be given to the first to guess the right answer and two points for the next. After the first player draws, this will be sent to the guesser. The guesser will then watch a replay for him to be able to guess the figure with the help of blanks and letters. When the first player is done, the next one will be the one to draw and so on. One of its added feature is that people can chat with each other while playing which makes this game interactive and for communication to take place. With this feature, players can learn from each other and teach those who have less skills. This is also a good chance for them to develop friendship among each other while enjoying a happy time together.

As mentioned, this game has attracted popularity easily and its rise has been fast. Unlike other online games, this one provides people with a place to enjoy learning in an interactive way. In addition, this game is free which allows people to access something that would provide them with a venue to enjoy  and learn at their own convenience. This is also user-friendly since this is easy and anyone, regardless of age can enjoy. Draw something online game is also sensitive to user since the life of people is indeed fast-paced nowadays. Sometimes, having fun, relaxing and learning all at the same time is impossible to do. But with this game, they surely would be able to achieve such things. Just imagine your self forgetting about your stress at work while traveling back home. Accessing the game through your mobile device and playing it would make you feel better. The moment you reach home you feel good and light, and would never remember your stress anymore.

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