Are Online Games Good For Kids?

Allowing kids to play online games is a controversial topic for parents. For one reason, parents would not want their children’s attention be focused out of studies, and as a result, they would rather prohibit their kids to play games that they thought to be addictive. However, if taken in moderation and with proper monitoring by adults, online games can be beneficial for kids according to studies.

Online Game For Kids

Through the years, there have been a negative connotation brought by online games. At once, you may hear a parent advising a child that online gaming is a waste of money, time, and effort, because there is nothing to be gained out of it. Parents who are closing their minds about online gaming are might not aware that their kids are gaining plenty of advantages derived from playing the right game in an Internet community.

The benefits that can be derived from online gaming range from developing social skills in an online environment, improved knowledge and control of computers, assisting academic endeavors, and increases memory retention.

Why allow you child play an online game?

  • Many of online games require intellect and strategies to win. It is basically filled with mind-works especially if there is a competition to beat. It increases their knowledge and skill to plan, make decisions, and try hard to claim a victory.

  • Kids who play online games are most likely to enjoy reward and satisfaction. For example, if your child is playing Draw Something Online, he will feel rewarded when he was able to get a correct answer, when it is his turn to draw, he will feel the satisfaction of finishing a drawing while he anticipating how long other players will guess the right word that describes the drawing.

    Like any other sport, online gaming is not all about winning, being able to play the game is satisfaction in itself.

  • In an online setting, kids learn to cooperate with their team members especially in multi-player games. They can be able to appreciate the importance of taking turns, sharing strategies, and cooperation to win. Many online games lead to social friendships which is vital for a child’s social development. It increases the child’s confidence that is very important in fulfilling roles in life.

Being a parent, it is just normal to be protective and think of your child’s welfare. However,in the technology-savvy world we live today, we should consider that the games played by our kids are not only with neighbors and schoolmates. Online gaming is appealing because of its exciting features that allows them to communicate and play with even children (and adults!) from different parts of the world.

Online games is not bad at all. Find an educational game for your kid, and let him or he have her share of online fun. Set a time limit, or you can even use it as a reward for good grades in school. Kids love to be motivated, and they need your all-out support and care as a parent.

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